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A Hebrew tutor can be arranged or candidates may select a Hebrew reading program of their own choosing.

  • Developing the skills to build a personal relationship with G-d.
  • Individual, private and communal prayer
  • Introduction to the prayer book structures for daily, Sabbath and holidays
  • Examining the Torah perspective on the role of both men and women this class helps debunk previously held misconceptions while providing instruction on the laws and customs of proper dress, speech, dating, romance, marriage and family.
  • Roles of men and women in the community**
  • The Holidays and other significant days
  • Practical and spiritual preparation for the holidays through lectures and readings in order to gain from each day**

Significance and Obligation of the 39 areas of observance application of laws while sharing and participating in Shabbat with families and Community

  • Principles of Kashrut and Torah sources
  • Practical application in daily life
  • Biblical overview from creation until the death on Moses using the weekly Torah reading and the personalities as models for us to learn what defines as Jews
  • The period of the 2 Temples
  • **Holocaust
  • Due to limited class time students are directed to materials to be read on their own
  • Who are the Jewish people – what is Judaism
  • Understanding the foundations and beliefs of Torah Judaism**
  • 13 principles of faith
  • The source of Jewish law – written and oral law – Biblical and Rabbinical law